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Studio updates.

Welcome | Words to Paint By

The time it takes to write a story is really next to no time at all when it’s true, or at the very least, a dream.

Very often when I paint there’s a story running along with the brush strokes. Who lives in that farmhouse and what’s it been like? Is that donkey loved and cared for? What’s going on under the water? I don’t know what the floral paintings say. I just know they’re fun to paint.

I’m anxious to launch this website. It replaces my previous one which, I must admit, I neglected. No excuses. I chose to paint more and post those paintings on Daily Paint Works instead of my own website. I am giving myself until the end of 2019 to set up this new site as the only one where patrons can view my work and purchase what they like. I’m going to make notes in my iCal to remind me to do that as well as write more stories. They are there waiting to be painted.

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